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Cooyoo USignal

 Budda    07 Jun 2017 : 22:06
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Due to severe time limitations, this review is published with a reduced amount of writing, pics, data.

I received the Cooyoo Usignal from BangGood for the review. Here's the PURCHASE LINK

The Cooyoo Usignal is a small, compact (59mm x 10mm x 23mm) , prism shaped flashlight. The light features a CW XP-G2 emitter, a 5mm red and one UV, all powered by an integrated li ion battery (280mAh), rechargeable via micro USB.

I’d like to introduce my mailman to the Olympic specialty of package throwing. That package was found several meters from my gate onto my propriety. It was thrown and landed, Usignal first, on concrete, damaging both the box and a bit the head of the light.

Cooyoo Usignal 01
Cooyoo Usignal 02

No accessories or manual. Nothing in the box, but the Usignal.

Prism shaped, with an integrated splitring design. On one side the micro USB port for recharging the battery, covered by a rubber port cover.
Cooyoo Usignal 03
Cooyoo Usignal 04
Cooyoo Usignal 05
Cooyoo Usignal 06
Cooyoo Usignal 08

Cooyoo Usignal 07
Cooyoo Usignal 08
Cooyoo Usignal 09
Cooyoo Usignal 10
Cooyoo Usignal 11

Size (59mm x 10mm x 23mm) are comparable to the one of the well known and loved Tip
Cooyoo Usignal 12
Cooyoo Usignal 13

The UV LED does its job, with quite some purple light coming from it
Cooyoo Usignal 14

Half meter from the wall
Cooyoo Usignal 15
Cooyoo Usignal 16
Cooyoo Usignal 17
Cooyoo Usignal 18
Cooyoo Usignal 19
Cooyoo UUsignal 20

Output and runtime
Cooyoo Usignal Output
Cooyoo Usignal Runtime

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished. I like the form factor of the light, discrete and practical (although the rounded design of the bottom makes tailstanding impossible).
I like the form factor of it, with the single electronic switch on top of the light, easy to find and grippy.
I like the concept of the 3 different beams, but in practice the red LED is very dim, and having just one constant output mode, it makes it less usable.
I don’t like the PWM on the main LED, and the lack of an electronic lockout. Also, even with long nails it is very hard to remove the micro USB port cover from its socket, I need to use a pointy object like a toothpick.
I’d like to see this light come with a small sheath and a NW tint.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter.