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Fenix HL26R

 Budda    07 Jun 2017 : 21:23

Due to severe time limitations, this review is published with a reduced amount of writing, pics, data.


I received this light from for the review. Here’s the purchase link


The Fenix HL26R is a small (65x44x37 mm) plastic headlamp, with integrated headband mount and incorporated battery rechargeable (1600mAh Li-polymer battery) with micro USB port, and 2 beams: one throwy (XP-G2) and one flood (2 Nichia emitters).


Fenix HP26R 1

Fenix HP26R 2

Fenix HP26R 3


Fenix HP26R 4

Fenix HP26R 5

Fenix HP26R 6

Fenix HP26R 7

Fenix HP26R 8

Fenix HP26R 9


A comparison between the HL26R and the NU30CRI

Fenix HP26R 10

Fenix HP26R 11

Fenix HP26R 12

Fenix HP26R 13


On the inside of the headband there’s a line of silicon like glue, that helps the grip.

Fenix HP26R 14


Battery indicator

Fenix HP26R 15



Fenix HP26R 16


Beamshots: half meter from the wall

Fenix HP26R 17

Fenix HP26R 18

Fenix HP26R 19

Fenix HP26R 20

Fenix HP26R 21

Fenix HP26R 22


Output and runtime

Fenix HP26R Output

Fenix HP26R Runtime1

Fenix HP26R Runtime2


My thoughts

The light is well made and finished.

I like the headband, and that the light has an integrated mount with several inclination positions available.

The battery indicator is easy to read and clear.

The throw beam is fine, but I'd like a higher output for the max continuously running high mode.

The flood beam has a good geometry, but not great tint and only 2 levels. Also, output intensity is a bit on the low side.

I like the FLAT regulation on all levels.

The HL26R is a cheap, simple but versatile headlamp. I’d like to see it come with a better output on the flood beam, level spacing and a NW tint.


Thanks to: AntoLed for the luxmeter and camera help.