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Klarus G30

 Budda    03 Apr 2017 : 00:33

I got the G30 from GearBest for the review.

The light comes in a cardboard box with the specs of the light.
Klarus G30 01 Zpsnhmogkgd
Klarus G30 02 Zpsi4lkogia
Klarus G30 03 Zps3clg8v4q

The light is in a plastic box with a spare o-ring, lanyard and instruction.
The light is compact: 47x135mm.
Klarus G30 04 Zps7v16cmxz

The big MTG2 emitter in the OP reflector, good for close range illumination. The glass has AR treatment and is tempered.
Klarus G30 05 Zps1sr26784
The body of the light, with the space for the 3x18650 batteries. I don't like separate battery carrier: more parts, more weight, bigger size.
Klarus G30 09 Zpscwvw7tlc
Klarus G30 08 Zpsf9gte7us
IPX8 waterproof with o.rings.
Anodized threads, so if you untwist the tailcap you have physical lockout and avoid parasitic drain.
Klarus G30 10 Zpsqzhbrz3c
Switch at the head, covered with hard plastic.
Klarus G30 06 Zpsontkwtyj
The switch at the head has a colored led under it, it shows the level of the batteries: green 70-100%, orange 30-70%, red <30%, flashing red <10%.

There is a second switch, with a rubber cover at the tailcap. The switch protrudes a bit, and the light can tailstand.
The switch are the same for what I can tell. They  have good feedback for my taste (short travel, not too stiff, hearable click).
 Klarus G30 07 Zpsxkvpjblz
A big MT-G2 led in a small and OP reflector give a wide and clean beam. The tint on my sample is between NW and CW. this is more evident at hi output, at low output it looks a lot CW.
For the runtime test I used 3 18650 Keeppower 3200mAh.
There's not much to say. The G30 has a very good regulation. I have not tested the runtime at low levels.
Klarus G30 Runtime1 Zpsevgc1o0x

I tried, once the stepdowns kick in, to make the G30 return to Turbo. This is a "macro" of what happened.
Klarus G30 Runtime2 Zpslzb4au38
The temperature sensor kicks in and regulates the output in a very precise way. You can see that after the pick of the "second turbo", the output decreases even more for a while. This is because the light will need time to dissipate the additional heat, and so the light will lower a bit the output until the temperature reaches the precedent plateau level, and so it brings the output hi a bit.
My thoughts
The G30 is the perfect light for who wants to try the MT-G2 on a budget (at the moment is less than 50€).
It is very well regulated (first time I see a PID so precise) and well built.
It has 2 switches (for people who like it at the head and for people who like it at the bottom).
Usually I find more easy to use the switches near the head, but on this light the one at the tailcap is easyer to find: it protrudes and has a more grippy texture.
The battery level indicator is clear and simple, but I'd prefere the indicator to be always on during use.
I prefere to change level in an ascending order (low-medium-high-turbo-low...), so if I need to increase the output a bit, I won't have to pass all the other levels. Maybe one of the 2 switches could pass the level in an ascending order, and the other in a decreasing order.
The dimentions are the same of the ET SX25L3, that many have, but the UI is different: ET is twisty, G30 clicky.
There is no sheath or other accessories, but the price is rather low (less than half) and Klarus didn't save on the quality of the ight.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks to AntoLed for lending me the luxmeter.
More test will follow.