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Manker E02H

 Budda    05 Aug 2017 : 18:07

I received the E02H from for the review.

The E02H is the same light as the E02: a EDC 1xAAA with high output than most other lights of the segment, with a L shaped construction, an electronic switch on the head and a magnet in the tailcap… But now finally the E02H brings what the E02 lacked: an headband to use the E02 as an headlamp!
The E02H is available in several colorations, and with a XP-G3 Cool White emitter, or a Nichia 219B Neutral one. I got the XP-G3.

Also, new packaging for the E02H.
Manker E02H 01
Manker E02H 02

Here is the E02H with the E02 I got. The E02H comes with clip and spare o-rings.
Manker E02H 03

My E02H is well anodized and has a vibrant, eye catching, red color.
Manker E02H 06
Manker E02H 07
Manker E02H 09

The threads are anodized and physical lockout is possible. Note that the head of the E02H is glued to the body.
Manker E02H 08

The Headband itself has some color to it, and the tissue has more stiffness compared to the other headbands I tried.
Manker E02H 10

The rubber mount for the light holds the light in place with a tight fit, even when the light is inclined.
Manker E02H 04
Manker E02H 05

Same as the one of the H02
Manker E02 10

Output and Runtime
Same as the ones of the H02
Manker E02H Output
Manker E02H Runtime1
Manker E02H Runtime2

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall
The small reflector will give a wide beam with a wide spot.
Manker E02H Beamshot 1
Manker E02H Beamshot 2
Manker E02H Beamshot 3
Manker E02H Beamshot 4
Manker E02H Beamshot 5
Manker E02H Beamshot 6

The spill comes out of the lights almost horizontally, probably due to the bezel with the reflective finish. This means that the light will be a good candidate to enlighten your walking plan.
Manker E02H Beamshot 7

Here you can see it better
Manker E02H Beamshot 8

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The magnet is strong enough to hold the light upside down or horizontally.
The max output of the E02H is impressive for a AAA battery, and I found that using non Eneloop quality batteries will make the max output significantly lower. The regulation is also good, not many AAA lights can get flat plots.
I like that the moonlight mode can be set from a super low firefly mode, do a generally more usable low mode (I couldn’t measure the output, but with my eye meter is more or less a lumen).
I like that the light can give you quick access to lowest, highest and last used mode.

The E02H finally got the headband that deserved. The E02H is a great all around compact and light AAA headlamp.
I still feel the lack of another mode, at 120-150 lumens.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the cameras advices and the luxmeter.