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Manker E14 II

 Budda    07 May 2017 : 23:34
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I received the E14 II from Manker for the review.

The E14 II is an upgrade to the previous E14.
The light shares the overall look of the previous model, with the big and heavy copper head (with a transparent coating that protects the material from oxidation) that hosts 4 emitters with flood tir optics, but there are several differences.

The light comes in this box. I got the light with clip, spare o-ring, lanyard.

Here is with the old E14

Compared to the old E14, the new E14 II has several differences:
There are 4 XP-G3 emitter, instead of the XP-G2 of the old E14.
The switch is now an electronic one and it is positioned at the head.
The central part of the 18650 body can be removed, obtaining the 18350 body.
The body hosts a charging circuit that is powered with a micro USB port.
Different UI and modes.

Here with the 18650 insert, 113 mm long, and wide 28 mm at the head and 25 at the tailcap.

Here in the 18350 configuration: without the 18650 insert, the light gets shorter and is 78 mm long

The tailcap has a double nested spring

Here’s the micro USB charging port at the head. On the the wide square cut threads will always be some residue from the twisting-untwisting of the head.

Here’s the deep pocket carry clip.

The UI is the classical Manker UI

There’s a led in the charging circuit that is red when charging

And solid blue when charging is completed. Blue flashing in event of not recognized cell.

Output and runtime
Tested with 18650 IMR LG HG2 3000mAh cell.

Note that using non IMR but 10A capable cells, like LG MJ1 will result in significantly lesser output.

At the end of every test the batteries were found around 3 volts, above the minimal voltage recommended for li-ion batteries.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall.

The 4 emitters give a very wide beam, with a wide bright spill and a big brighter spot.
Without a doubt, a light made for close distances.

My thoughts

  • The light is well built and finished.
  • The light is heavy, but believe me, the higher weight is well compensated by the fact that this light can produce a very high output without melting. It will still become VERY WARM (temporized stepdown). At high mode, the light remains usable for longer periods of time.
  • I like the deep pocket carry clip, and the switch at the head makes the light easier to operate.
  • I like the interface that allows quick access to minimum output (that can be personalized as well), turbo and last used mode.
  • I’d like that the turbo mode stepped down to a higher output mode, maybe around 1200-1500 lumen mode. And a thermal control wouldn’t hurt either.
  • I’d like an higher high mode and with better regulation.
  • I’d like the charging colors to be red (solid charging, flashing when battery is not recognized), and green (charging finished).
  • I’d like the electronic switch to be bigger and more stiff to operate.

    The E14 II adds some improvements to the old E14:
  • Smaller size
  • Integrated charge
  • No need to purchase the separate 18650 tube
  • Better Interface

The E14 II, as the E14 remains a “dragster” flashlight, pushed on the edge of its capability at the turbo mode. Remember to use high quality IMR cells in this light.

Thanks to: Antoled for the camera advices, the camera help, the E14 and the luxmeter.

More (thermographic) tests will follow.