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Nitecore LA10CRI

 Budda    10 Apr 2017 : 16:09

I received the Nitecore LA10CRI from for the review.

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The Nitecore LA10CRI is a small 1xAA lamp with a retractable diffuser. It comes in 2 versions, a cool white with a XP-G2 emitter, and a neutral one 5000K with a Nichia 219B HICRI emitter. I got the latter.


The LA10CRI comes in this box

Nitecore LA10CRI 01 Zps9j6k5abg

Nitecore LA10CRI 02 Zpsmjcubc5a

Nitecore LA10CRI 03 Zpswrtjhnhd



Inside the box: the light, a lanyard and a spare o-ring

Nitecore LA10CRI 04 Zpsmn8knqc8



Nitecore LA10CRI 05 Zpsdgfl1if4

Nitecore LA10CRI 06 Zpsiwnhagdn


The tailcap is flat and has a lanyard hole, and has a magnet inside that allows to attach the light to metallic surfaces.

Nitecore LA10CRI 07 Zps9zpxmmft

Nitecore LA10CRI 10 Zpsih91sfdn


Anodized threads, with o-ring.

Nitecore LA10CRI 09 Zps31hgklpe


By twisting the hexagonal part of the light, just above the tailcap, the diffuser will protrude from the “closed” position, where it is practically flush with the profile of the light, Nitecore LA10CRI 08 Zpsh0xvdtk2


To the “open” position, where it protrudes. The movement is very fluid and effortless.

Nitecore LA10CRI 11 Zpswpmziaoe


The  LA10CRI is compact

Nitecore LA10CRI 15 Zpspu1vno63

Nitecore LA10CRI 16 Zpsn7g3ylzk

Nitecore LA10CRI 14 Zpsrmskvpka

Nitecore LA10CRI 13 Zpszh3w1fv9

Nitecore LA10CRI 12 Zpstrob1lme


Nitecore LA10CRI 17 Zpsrieyngi0

Nitecore LA10CRI 18 Zpsmemhsfic



Fully twist the tailcap to turn the light on. Quickly untwist it and twist it again to progress in the level sequence: low, mid, high, beacon.

The light doesn’t have memory and will always turn on at low mode.



Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

IMG 1551 Zpsp831av1w

IMG 1548 Zpssydevttk

the dark spot in the middle is visible only in photography.

the tint is around 5000K.


Output and runtime

Tested with Eneloop PRO AA nimh battery.

Nitecore LA10CRI Output Zpsdxpw3ohr

Nitecore LA10CRI Runtime1 Zpsn07i04gw

Nitecore LA10CRI Runtime2 Zpssiusgdxz

My thoughts

  • The LA10CRI is well made and finished.
  • The diffuser does exactly what is supposed to do:
    • In the retracted position: it makes the beam soft but  a narrow, great for close distances
    • In the flood position: it makes the light a lantern.
  • Compared to a regular lantern light, the LA10 is a lot more usable because in the retracted position it allows you to use it as a regular light without being blinded by the light coming back at you.
  • Being retractable it also allows to save space. The magnetic tailcap increases the possibility to attach the light and provide curtesy light where is needed.
  • The level are well spaced and the regulation is good on the tested levels.


I’d like see this light come with a clip and a warmer tint.


Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera advices.