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Nitecore NU10

Due to lack of time, this review is published with reduced amount of data, pics and writing.

I received the Nitecore NU10 from for the review. Here's the purchase link.

The NU10 is a simple, compact and flood headlamp from Nitecore. The headlamp features a multicolor beam, red or white, with integrated lithium ion battery rechargeable with the micro USB port. It’s available with body different colorations. The NU10 is also available in a HICRI version (but I got the CW).

The light comes in this box with headband, manual and micro usb cable.

Nitecore NU10 01

The whole NU10 is made out of plastic. The small size (6x3,5x3 cm) and the plastic construction helps making it light (66 grams).
The headband is the usual elastic band from Nitecore, and it only goes around the head.
Nitecore NU10 03

Nitecore NU10 04

On the top of the light there are 2 electronic switches, and on the side the micro usb port.
Nitecore NU10 05

The light has an integrated headband mount, that allows the light to be inclined within some fixed positions.
Nitecore NU10 11

Nitecore NU10 06

Nitecore NU10 07

Nitecore NU10 08

Nitecore NU10 09

Nitecore NU10 10

When charging the light, the LED under the switches will be red. When the light is charged, it will be green.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall.
The X of the red beam is not an effect of the camera, it’s really there.
Nitecore NU10 12

Nitecore NU10 13

Nitecore NU10 14

Nitecore NU10 15

Nitecore NU10 16

Nitecore NU10 17

Nitecore NU10 18

Nitecore NU10 19

Nitecore NU10 20

Nitecore NU10 21

Output and Runtime
At the moment I can't access the output measurement setup. When I will get it back, I will update the review and the carts with the measurements. Meanwhile, the data is expressed in %.
After 45 minutes at high mode, the light steps down at mid mode brightness.

Nitecore NU10 22

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The NU10 does his work fine: it’s a flood headlamp with a good flood beam, and a usably bright red mode also available. The runtime and regulation is good, and IMHO the stepdown at high mode after 45 minutes is acceptable (probably to preserve the battery, not for the temperature).
For the pricepoint, is hard to ask for more. The several colorations available make the NU10 more suitable for a wider public (from the tactical softair-ish guy, to kids and ladies).
I wish the NU10 had a low mode for the red led.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter.