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Nitecore P30

 Budda    03 Apr 2017 : 17:23

I received the Nitecore P30 for the review from Nitecore.

The light comes in this box.

Inside the box: Light, cordura sheath, spare o-rings, clip, cigar ring, silica bag (inside the light), CR123 adapter (inside the light),

The P30 adopts an XP-L Hi V3 CW emitter, in a relatively big smooth reflector.

The tailcap with a forward clicky, completely exposed.

The threads on the body are anodized on both sides (so you can physically lockout the light), and are trapezoidal at the head.

The positive contact pole at the head is a raised button. So flat top and button top cells will work in the P30.

The big head has an electronic switch, with a blue LED underneath it. It has a grippy rubber cover, that protrudes a bit from the surface. The milling on the circumference of the head acts as anti-rolling devices.

The P30 can be considered a bigger and nobler relative of the C8.

The clicky switch at the tailcap turns the light on and off.
Once the light is on you can cycle through the modes with the side switch (lower, low, medium, high, turbo, lower…).
Keep pressed the switch to activate strobe, another long press will activate SOS, another will activate the beacon.
The light has memory for all constant output modes and strobe.
If you turn the light on while keeping pressed the side switch, the blue LED under the switch will turn on and blink the voltage of the battery.
When the battery is running low, the blue LED under the switch will start to blink.

Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall

Well, no surprise here. This light can throw for sure. On my sample the spot is on the NW side, and the spill is cooler.
The spill arrives at your feet but it is very dim in brightness. The more you move from your feet, more bright will became (but remains narrow as far as output distribution)

Output and Runtime
Both tested with Nitecore 3400mAh 18650 battery.
Note that this battery is not included with the light. I just had it around.

My thoughts
Construction and finishes are as you would expect from Nitecore. The sheath is an accessory that I always appreciate, and it is good.
I would like the cigar grip to be threaded so it doesn’t spin (and could over the clip and keep it in place, preventing its movement).
Compared to other Nitecore products, this light is more simple.
You don’t have a double stage switch, no charging port, and there is only a shortcut for battery voltage and strobe.
I’d like to see a shortcut for low and turbo, and add another level between moonlight (1 tiny lumen) and low (100 lumens!), or reducing their difference. But this light is advertised for “tactical” purposes (comes with a cigar grip and remote switch available) , so I guess this also has to be considered.

This is a good light if you need a simple interface, memory and great throw.

Thanks to AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.