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Nitecore Thumb

I received the Nitecore Thumb from for the review.

Here's the purchase link, and a Coupon (25% off): c04b86 


The Thumb is an EDC/Keychain/Workinglight, featuring a stainless clip, a head with 2 5mm white LEDs that can be tilted 90°, and a pair of red LEDS. The thumb has an integrated battery, that can be charged with the micro USB charging port. I believe it could be seen as an upgraded version of the Nitecore Tube.


The Thumb comes in this box, containing the light itself and a couple of splitrings.

Nitecore Thumb 01 Zpskzblmh9t

Nitecore Thumb 02 Zps7endttpk



The new features make it a bit longer than the tube but still compact. The micro USB port is still covered by a rubber cover.

Nitecore Thumb 21 Zpskqtte47w

Nitecore Thumb 23 Zps0mjibnng

Nitecore Thumb 24 Zpso5vpi0dc

Nitecore Thumb 25 Zps8d3lxz0r



Nitecore Thumb 03 Zpsot6afvss

Nitecore Thumb 04 Zpszguvlaqx

Nitecore Thumb 05 Zpsmtt3n2hl

Nitecore Thumb 06 Zpsgtysq4r0

Nitecore Thumb 07 Zpskrcmszg9



The head looks like the one of the Tube, with horns to protect the emitters, but with another 5mm LED, and can be tilted. The head requires a bit of force to be tilted, and doesn’t move if you shake the light around.

Nitecore Thumb 13 Zpsaflfiwh3

Nitecore Thumb 14 Zpsikq1vbcf


Nitecore Thumb 08 Zpsaoumixjv

Nitecore Thumb 09 Zpsc9yrshxi

Nitecore Thumb 10 Zpscyv9xu40

Nitecore Thumb 11 Zpsutxtzhup

Nitecore Thumb 15 Zpsb3bbvxeg

 On my sample, the white light flickers slightly while the head is moving, while if the head is firm in position the light doesn’t flicker at all.


On the body there are 2 electronic switches, one that control the white LEDs, and the other controls the 2 red ones.

Nitecore Thumb 16 Zpseus5jukk

Nitecore Thumb 17 Zpsoucpxpx5

Nitecore Thumb 18 Zpswmoitdmb

Nitecore Thumb 19 Zpsiavwcw4q

Nitecore Thumb 20 Zps57j47d4v




  • The upper switch controls the 2 white LEDs, while the lower switch the red ones.
  • A click of the upper switch turns on the white LEDs at high mode. If you press the switch again within 3 seconds, it will cycle through medium, low, flashing high and off. If you wait more than 3 seconds, the next click will turn off the light. The light has non memory and will turn on at high mode all the times.
  • The lower switch controls the 2 red LEDs. Click it once to turn them on, click again to activate a slow flash, and again to turn them off.
  • Yes, as you so in the pic above, both the white and red LEDs can be turned on at the same time at different settings.
  • When charging the light, the red LEDs will be on, and a green one will turn on when the charging process is finished.


Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

201 Zpsjuzb7ze2

202 Zps3gtvre4y

203 Zps8k947d9f

204 Zpsqeycnves

205 Zpsentr3f31


According to my eye meters, that’s a more or less accurate pic of how much light does the red LEDs produce.

206 Zps6iygw0dt

The “cracked” pattern is not a problem of the pic, there’s in real life.



Output and runtime

Tested with the internal battery

Nitecore Thumb Output Zpsobo0myzo

the runtime plot with RED white light doesn’t show an increase in output both because the red output is low and my setup doesn’t get the light coming from the side of a light.


Nitecore Thumb Runtime1 Zpsoqphiyrv

Nitecore Thumb Runtime2 Zpshobgoymo


My thoughts

  • With the Thumb, Nitecore makes an updated version of the Tube, fixing some defects:
    • transparent plastic, which caused light to get through the light,
    • not great UI
  • and introducing several improvements:
    • higher output
    • better regulation
    • tiltable head
    • clip
    • red light
  • The biggest difference is that while the Tube could be used as EDC or keychain light, the Thumb can be clipped and with the tiltable head, you can orient the beam in the desired direction; for example on the collar of a shirt or a jacket, in the pocket of your shirt of a jeans, or on a baseball cap. The light will not tailstand unfortunately.
  • Thanks to the non transparent plastic, now the light from the LEDs will not hit your eyes directly.
  • It is also possible to use the light clipped as a beacon light, both with white and red light.
  • The red light is much less intense than the white one, either if constant on or blinking.
  • The red light has an output adequate to enlighten items some 10th of centimeters away from the light, in complete darkness.

I’d like to see the Nitecore Thumb coming with a higher red output (5-10 lumens) and a neutral-warm tint for the 2 main 5 mm LEDs.

In the meanwhile, it is attached to my keys.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter