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Olight PL2

 Budda    08 Jul 2017 : 23:43

Due to severe time limitations, this review is published with a reduced amount of writing, pics, data.

I received the PL2 from Olight for the review.


The PL2 is the new weaponlight from Olight. It features their traditional double sided switch, an XHP 35 emitter and works with 2 CR123 cells for increased output and runtime.



Olight PL2 01

Olight PL2 02

Olight PL2 03

Olight PL2 04


Inside the box: the light (with the 2 cells inside), manual, screws, rod to be installed on the weapon slide.

Olight PL2 05

Olight PL2 06


The PL2 has a larger design compared to the PL1 because it holds 2 CR123 Cells. As far as I can tell, everything is made out of metal, except the 2 protruding switches that are made of plastic.

Olight PL2 07

Olight PL2 08

Olight PL2 09

Olight PL2 10

Olight PL2 11


Accessing the battery compartment is done by pulling this metal lever.

Olight PL2 12


Here a detail of the lever mechanism.

Olight PL2 16

Olight PL2 17


Plastic spacer makes accidental activation impossible inside the box.

Olight PL2 13

Olight PL2 14


The hinges are made out of metal.

Olight PL2 15


How about the front optic with the powerful XHP35 emitter?

Olight PL2 18


The light can be slided on and off the rail by pulling this side lever

Olight PL2 19

Olight PL2 20


The UI is very simple:

There are only 2 modes, a constant and a strobe one.

-          Pressing either one of the side switches at once, will turn the light on. Another press will turn it off.

-          A long press of either of the side switches will activate the momentary on (the PL2 will turn off as soon as you depress the switch)

-          Pressing the 2 switches at the same time will activate the fast strobe.


Beamshots, at 0.5 meters from the wall.

Olight PL2 21

Olight PL2 22

Olight PL2 23

Olight PL2 24

Olight PL2 25

Olight PL2 26

Olight PL2 27


Output and runtime

Testing done with 2 Olight CR123 Cells.

Olight PL2 28

Olight PL2 29


My thoughts

The light is well built and finished.

The design and the UI seems smart and practical for the tactical application, intended for the PL2. It is consistent with the one of the PL1. The 2 switches design allows operation also for lefties (or your weak hand).

Beam, regulation and runtime are adequate for a handgun, which should operate within short distances. I like how the runtime remains flat after the stepdown for 1 and half hours, then slowly stepping down to let you know you need to replace cells.


I’d like to see a NW version of this light.


Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera instructions and the luxmeter.


More beamshot to come.