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Olight R50 Seeker PRO LE

 Budda    11 Nov 2016 : 12:30

I received the Olight R50 Seeker PRO LE from for the review.
Olight makes a “simpler” version of this light, the R50 Seeker PRO, that doesn’t have many accessories.

The specs
Utilizes Cree XHP70 cool white LED; light output ranges from 50 to 3200 lumens
Orange peel reflector paired with a slightly concave, coated lens to create a balanced beam
Low power/lockout indicator under the side switch that glows red when the battery is running low or being hit under lockout mode
Chamfered design above the side switch leaving more room for the thumb to make it easier and more comfortable for easy operation
Easy and convenient operation: when the light is off, press and hold the side switch to access the low light mode, double click to activate turbo, and triple click to access the strobe mode
Built-in 3A fast charging circuit board to work with the R Dock. It can be charged up to 80% of full capacity within 1.5 hours
Emergency use. When the R Dock is suddenly powered off, it can immediately turn on the flashlight under the low mode through infrared communication
Convenient installation. With the installation kit provided, it can easily be mounted and charged up in a vehicle or attached to a wall indoors

The light comes in this big box with a convenient handle

Velcro secured closure

Light in plain sight

Strap is in the box on the left

Plastic D-Ring, molle compatible.

Under the first “layer” of goods:

I had to remove some items cause they won’t look good in the pics

As you can see everything is well displayed and packaged.

Car adapter

Wall charger

Mount, Velcro straps, screws and light holder

Ok, now the light

Magnetic tailcap with recharging system

Anodized squared threads

The provided 26650 battery

GITD under the glass

In the hand (EU medium size).

The cradle is used for charging the light. It has a magnetic system at the bottom that recalls the other magnetic chargers from Olight.

The cradle can be attached to wall mounts with a clip on the back

A golden spring allows a good force to the clip

The wall mounts can be attached using female-male Velcro, glue, or screws and fishers.
The wall mounts allow to securely hold the cradle, but the cradle can be removed from the wall mounts very easily.

The light is well sit in the cradle tanks to silicon pads and a strong magnet. It won’t fall off easily.

There is a switch on the cradle (more on that later).

Standard Olight interface.
The light turns on and off with a single click.
When the light is on, keep pressed the switch to cycle between low, medium and high mode.
Double click to access turbo.
Triple click to access strobe.
From off, keep pressed to turn the light on at low.
The light has memory for low, mid and high mode.
Lockout: from off keep pressed the switch for 2 seconds. Re-do to unlock the light.
When charging the light with the cradle, the charing indicator on the cradle will be red: charging, orange: almost charged, green: charged.
The integrated charging system can charge only the Olight proprietary 26650 battery.
The small switch on the cradle is for using the light as a blackout light. If you turn this setting on and let the light sit in the cradle connecter to the wall adapter, the light will turn on (At low mode) when the power goes out, and turn off when the power returns.


The fence ends at 70 meters from the light.
The light has a wide and bright spill, but doesn’t have much throw. This is for close to medium distances.
On my light the tint is slightly neutral.

Output and runtime
They have been both tested with the provided Olight 26650 4500mAh battery.

My thoughts
Fit and finishes are as you would expect from Olight.
Output and runtime are fine, and you can increase the runtime even more by using a higher capacity 26650, but so you will give up the charging capability. The magnetic charging system also allow faster charge and higher waterproofness compared to other micro USB port based systems.
UI is fine, considered also the philosophy of use of this light.
I don't like too much the way the proprietary battery is built. Having both poles on a single size with only a small gap between them can cause shorts if you try to charge them in other chargers. I'd like to see at least some bumps (as Olight does for their proprietary IMR 16340 battery)
The light comes with a lot of useful accessories, and all the other features make this light a great working light. A light for someone that needs a simple light with output, good balance flood/throw (a bit toward flood), and needs a robust charging device.
For example you sit at your desk and you need to go check something, and put it back to charge when you are done and back at your desk. You can also leave the power adapter in your office or when you need the light, and have the car adapter in your vehicle. Detaching the cradle from the wall mount is simple, and the cradle mounts are versatile. The blackout light function can also be useful.

If you don’t need all these cradles and wall mounts and adapters, you can go for the non LE version of this light, that comes with the “standard” magnetic charging cable at a lower cost.

Thanks to AntoLed for the luxmeter and the camera.