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Rofis TR15

 Budda    16 Jul 2017 : 22:54

Due to severe time limitations, this review is published with a reduced amount of writing, pics, data.


I received the TR15 from Rofis for the review.

The TR15 is the latest flashlight from Rofis: a compact 1xAA/14500 (Included) flashlight with XP-L Hi emitter, electronic switch and their trademark rotatable head.


Here the specs from Rofis:

Following is the detailed specification of TR15:

Adjustable-head flashlight, multi-functional usage
Tail built-in magnet
Utilizes a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED
Maximum output of up to 700 lumens
Boasts a peak beam intensity of 3175 cd and a throw distance of up to 113 meters
Innovative single button offers access to three brightness levels and three special modes
Integrated power indicator light to remind the user the battery power will close to depletion
Memorized function ability
Ultra compact and lightweight (diameter 22mm, length 97.5mm),net weight 62g
Switch incorporates a specially designed lock function to prevent accidental illumination
Reverse polarity protection prevents damage from incorrectly inserted batteries
The mental clip can be attached to backpack, belt or pocket for easy carry
Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish
A micro-textured reflector offers wide angle lighting
Waterproof in accordance to IPX-8 (two meters submersible)
1 -meter impact resistance
Tail stand capability


Rofis TR15 01


Inside the box: TR15 (with a Rofis 800mAh Protected 14500 cell), lanyard, spare o-rings, manual.

Rofis TR15 02


The TR15 in the linear configuration. The clip comes already installed and is not reversible.

Rofis TR15 03


XP-L Hi CW emitter in a small OP parable will still give reasonable throw.

Rofis TR15 04


The light has an overall smooth and linear design, with some knurling on it.

The switch is on the head and is wide and with a good feedback.

Rofis TR15 05


Here you can see the trademark rotation of the head, that convert a linear light into a L shaped one.

Rofis TR15 06

Rofis TR15 07

Rofis TR15 08


This feature allows you to use the light when clipped to your clothes as an angular light, or, to better direct light when the TR15 is attached to a metallic surfaces, thanks to the removable magnet inserted in the tailcap. Note the smooth but not anodized threads (physical lockout is not possible).

Rofis TR15 09



The rotating feature will add something in size, but the TR 15 remains hand sized in both configurations, with the switch always easy to operate.

Rofis TR15 10

Rofis TR15 11




-          Press the switch once to turn it on and off.

-          When the light is on, keep the switch pressed to cycle between the 3 modes: low, mid and high, in loop.

-          Triple click activates the strobe.

-          From off keep pressed the switch for 3 seconds to activate electronic lockout.

The switch has a red led underneath it that will blink red when battery is running low.



Output and runtime

Rofis TR15 Output

Rofis TR15 Runtime1

Rofis TR15 Runtime2

Rofis TR15 Runtime3



My thoughts

The TR15 is well built and finished.

The TR15 is another addition to the Rofis line with rotating head, featuring the new LED and the double chemistry (nimh li-ion) compatibility.  Despite the rotating head, the light remains quite compact for the form factor, and the magnet in the tailcap makes the light more usable in some situations.

It offers a simple interface, with 3 levels that gets considerably brighter with a 14500. Regulation on the tested levels is good.

I find TR15 lacking of an additional mode, between the 137 and 655 lumens of the mid and high mode: I’ll add a 300ish lumen mode of continuous output.

Also I’d like the TR15 to have quick access to high and low mode (yet with only 3 modes, it’s quick to scroll them to get to your desired one).

I’d like to see the TR15 come with a NW tint and a reversible clip.



Beamshots will be published soon.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter.