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Vollsion MK-S

 Budda    03 Apr 2017 : 17:24

I received the Vollsion MK-S from Vollsion for the review.
The MK-S comes in this box.

To my knowledge, this is the only light of this segment (small twisty lights with 10180 battery, micro USB charging port and 2 modes) that comes with a micro USB cable for charging the light.

The light can be carried with the included splitring and the necklace.

The MK-S is made of stainless steel and has a polished finishing.

Construction is typical for this class of light, but with a magnet inside the tailcap, that can hold the light vertically upside down or horizontally.

It hosts a CW XP-G2 emitter.

All the lettering is on the tailcap.

The tailcap is flat and has a hole on one side for a keyring/lanyard attachment. The eyelet for the splitring / lanyard has the 90° angle rounded but the edges should also be rounded to make me wanna carry confortably on the skin.

The threads are squared cut and they operate very smoothly once you grease the o-rings since they came dry (otherwise the o-ring stick everywhere and tent to jump out of their place).

Both the circuit on the body and the circuit inside the head are labeled Vollsion

Size is comparable to other 10180 lights

And this is to show how small this light is

Partially twist the head on the body to turn the light on at low mode.
Fully twist the head on the body to turn the light on at high mode.
Untwist the head to turn the light off.
To charge the battery you just plug the micro USB cable in the micro USB port, and a LED will turn on (red when the battery is charging, green when the battery is charged).

Output and runtime
Output and runtime have been tested with the provided battery.
With the provided battery has less runtime than advertised (I believe around 30 minutes). I re-did the test, and I got the same result. Then I took the 10180 battery from my old Cooyoo quantum, charged it and used for a third test in the Vollsion MK-S. It Looks like the flashlight is fine but the Vollsion battery is short on capacity.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

I don’t know if you can see it in the pics but the spot has some light artifacts compared to the beam of my cooyoo. In reality it’s something you’ll probably notice only if you are wall hunting.

My thoughts
This light is well built and finished. I believe it’s one of the few 10180 lights with a magnet.
Compared to all the other 10180 lights I reviewed, this one has the smoothest twisting function, once you grease it (the light comed dry as a bone and the o-ring was sticking everywere and goind out of his seat; once greased it was perfect).
Regarding the battery issue, I’ve written many days ago to Vollsion, without getting any reply.
I’ve red other reviews where the runtime plot are fine, so I believe I just got lucky and got a sample with a bad battery (confirmed by my SKYRC MC3000). Output and runtime are comparable with other lights of this segment if you get a sample with a good cell (I couldn’t find any other case of problems, and I will replace my 10180 with a new one for a few $).

I’d like this light come with a NW option.
Thanks to AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.