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Vollsion UC20

 Budda    01 Oct 2016 : 03:15

I received the Vollsion UC20 for the review by Vollsion, curtesy of Ray.

The specs for the UC20:
Specs Zpsz8dhykwu

The U20 comes in a cardboard box
DSCN2243 Zpsawpczfni

Padded foam for keeping the light safe
DSCN2242 Zps10tb4azp

Inside the box: UC20, glass breaker and spare orings
DSCN2244 Zpsrthrsndu

The metallic cover of the electronic switch protrudes a lot. This is the easiest side switch to locate I found on a flashlight.
DSCN2223 Zpsg4qj9dde
DSCN2233 Zpsjju08umz

DSCN2214 Zpsihbp724d
DSCN2216 Zpslpzyfijd

The tailcap is flat and has a hole with threads for the camera tripods.
DSCN2227 Zpshxmfrb3m
DSCN2230 Zpsxyuauxaw

There is some knurling on the body.
DSCN2229 Zpsrb76yyk2

You can also mount the glass breaker in it. The glass breaker can also be used to attach the light around.
DSCN2241 Zps4iiazbvo

The UC20 features a XM-L2 emitter in the OP reflector. Stainless steel bezel at the head, with AR coated glass
DSCN2231 Zpsbghhgxnu

The head is the only part of the light that can be take apart with bare hands.
Anodized threads allow a physical lockout.
DSCN2238 Zpsjby3xovr

Positive contact point at the head: a raised dot (no physical protection against polarity inversion).
DSCN2235 Zpsip8ssjoi

As you can see there is a lot of room for the 18650. The light rattles when shaken.
DSCN2236 Zpshivcdq8m

I tried to take the light further apart, but it was not possible.

Size comparison
DSCN2349 Zpstg7wh7rh

A single click turns the light on and off.
While on, keep pressed the switch to cycle between the modes: hi, medium, low, hi, medium, low… in loop. The light has memory mode.
A double click activates the strobe mode. The U20 doesn’t have memory mode for strobe.

Output and runtime
Output and runtime have been tested using an unprotected 18650 LG MJ1 battery.
Output Zpscprrq7lk
My measurements are lower than the specification.

Sampling time is every 2” for high mode, every 90” for medium mode. Runtime Zpswxaxtyr6
When the runtime at high mode was stopped, I measured the battery resting voltage: 2.70 volts.

Runtime2 Zpsqhd0xi5j

Beamshot at 0,5 meters from the wall
DSCN2336 Zpsvvqueqqf
DSCN2337 Zpsevvfdxxs
DSCN2338 Zpsrmxsr86k
DSCN2339 Zpshboiffrn
DSCN2340 Zpstvmr4anr

The big XM-L2 die gives a wide beam with a big spot, suitable for close distances.
On my UC20 the tint is on the neutral side, with a clear green dominant.
To my eyes there is no PWM on high mode, but it is evident at mid and low mode.